Bad things happen, it's inevitable.
No matter how careful you are, it isn't always in your hands.

Bad things happen to everyone, it isn't just you, you know?

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However, when these bad things happen, you can either take it as just that; a bad thing, or you can take a step back, take a deep breath and take a look around; look for the good things!

I know it isn't easy, I also know it sounds a bit naïve as well..
But isn't it better than getting upset and moping over something that has already happened?
There is almost always a good thing behind what seems like a bad thing; a silver lining!

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When you are upset about something, your vision is clowded, your thoughts are scattered, and its very easy for you to miss the 'big picture'.
that's why, try to calm down, breathe, and think rationally to find a solution and also learn a good lesson!

Because from our mistakes and trials we learn, and that is always a good thing!

In the end, trust me when I say, there are only so many things that truly matter in life, and compared to them, the troubles that weigh so much on both our hearts and minds, are of no importance ..
so don't give anything more credit than it deserves.
take things slow and easy.

Live with a light, grateful heart, and try to always be happy!

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