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so without further a do, let get started.

-it can help you escape from life for a bit. I find its helpful to just bring all my attention to one thing and concentrate on just that.
- it can help you get out frustration, sadness or even record happiness. it personally helps me release negative emotions and bring back serenity.
-it gives you a place to look back at memories. this includes good and bad, which can help you remember in hard situations to really think through your decisions.
-you can use it as a creative outlet. sometimes its hard for me to let out my creativity but journaling is an empty canvas that I have control over.

here are some ideas of what you can write about:

-things happening currently in yournlife
-songs that you like and why you like them
-your favorite past memories
-highlight and low point of your day
-people that make your life better and how
-small things in the world that you appreciate
-pet peeves
-your favorite food, places, or even shows you enjoy
-events that have shaped you as a person
-lessons you have learned
-people that have shaped you as a person
-things you like about yourself
-a list of things you want
-a list of places you want to go
-a bucket list
-to plan