It would be a mean thing of me to say that every lover has it's lies, wouldn't it? It's the little things like: ''I'll be there in 10'' when you're still laying in bed. Or ''I don't feel well, let's meet up tomorrow.'' When you're really just watching Netflix by yourself. Why would you lie to someone you love? And those are just the little things. ''You are the only one for me.'' While you're sleeping with someone else. ''I love you too.'' When you're really just to scared to tell the truth. Why would you lie? Is lieing really so easy? And doesn't it hurt to lie to someone you love?

You get a text saying: ''I'm stuck in traffic, can't make it in time.''
Is he really stuck in traffic? or is he just late? Is he by car or by bike? and what if he is by bike, why would he be late? But is he really late? Maybe he was playing Fortnite and lost track of time. What is the reason of his delay? He said it was traffic, but what happend? Maybe there was an accident. maybe someone died during that accident, that would be awful! But he wouldn't be stuck in traffic if he was by bike, not if there was an accident. Maybe there is a construction going on. But what if he is with an other girl? That would make sense because he had just sent a picture of two Starbucks cups. Or maybe the coffee was for me. But if he is stuck in traffic, wouldn't the coffee be cold by the time he gets here?
Do you see how it went from ''I'll be a bit late'' to perhaps someone died and he is cheating on me? Doens't that scare you? And is overthinking really a part of love?

Two people loving each other is something special. It doesn't matter if that's a boy and a girl or two men. Because you fall in love with a person who says goodmorning even on a rainy day. that kisses you after a fight, because they love you. Love can be hard sometimes, i know. It's hard to see the person you love, kiss someone else. Love is something so beautiful, you should appreciate it. Some people think they will never experience love, but I don't believe that. They are insecure about the way they look or their bodies. But if you don't love youself first, who will? No one is perfect, and we should remember that. every love is beautiful, no matter what gender, skin tone or religion.

Why do people keep making excuses? Why do people constantly say sorry? ''I'm feeling sad.'' sorry! ''I want ice cream.'' sorry! ''My mom is mad at me.'' sorry! Why are people constantly saying sorry for things they can't do sh*t about? just why? I think every person had a soft side, and that's why they say sorry. They want to help and when you can't, they apologizenfor not being helpfull. People should stop saying sorry for thing they are not responsible for. My bestfriend, who I deeply love. Keeps saying sorry for things she can't do anything about. Because she is a good person, who like to make people feel happy, even when she isn't. Love doesn't always have to be romantic. I love my mom, my dad, my abuela and of course Mija. I'm not in a romantic relationship with them, and yet i love them so so so much. Here i am, making an excuse and explaining myself about they way i love my friends and family. isn't that silly?

Wouldn't it be perfect, if I could love someone without lieing, overthinking and making excuses? No, because no one is perfect. And you can't love someone without thinking about them, or saying sorry because they're sad. You want to say sorry because your beloved is upset and there is nothing you can do to make them feel better. Everyone lies sometimes, and maybe that's for a good reason. Because you don't want to make an excuse or overthink about their reaction. And that is something valueable.