Hi, amazing people from the internet! how are you? again, I'm sorry for my submission. 1 month without posting anything. But I hope this month, every week I'll be here with you again !!!

today, I've come to show you some tips on how to re-decorate your room the way it is, more specifically a "clean" room. Hope you like it!!

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The first thing to do is to clean the entire room. Clean the furniture, remove the dirty covers, clean the floor, even more when you give a new face to it. So let it all neatly clean to start really!

have a primary colors of you room

not necessarily your room should be all white. a color there another color here. with white walls the details come to be colored.

room, home, and white image white, interior, and room image

plants, plants and more plants or flowers

I think when you have plants in your room, the room has more contact more contact with the green and looks more alive. they leave their room with an air more alive and more sweet. you can opt for the fakes plants or take care of the real ones!

Image by i m p e r f e c t i o n plants, room, and lights image

pillows, cushions

make your room more comfortable and cozy. the cushions with fluffy pillowcases and white pillows make everything more relaxing.

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neutral curtains

all curtain leaves the environment more relaxed and more open. opt for the white curtains and creams, are best for that type of room.

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fairy lights, candles, lights

and that fashion Christmas lights are not over yet (and I do not think it will ever end). they leave the rooms more welcoming. besides cute, are cheap and easy to find. so have one at home and be happy!

bedroom and interior image bedroom, home, and decor image

This is for today people! I hope you enjoyed!!

xo, L