1. Who am I ?

A piece of paper with a picture of a character or a singer, actor, etc.. is placed on each player's forehead. This allows every player to see what their opponents have on their foreheads but no player knows what is on their own forehead. The person who guesses what's on their forehead first wins.

Players take turns asking questions like :
- Am I female? - Am I a cartoon? - Am I in a movie? - Am I a singer? - Am I a raper? - Am I asian? Am I Michael Jackson?... etc.

Rules :
- Once you guess the wrong name, you lose. In other words, guessing a name equals a final question.
- Maximum 20 questions.

Link to see the game being played : https://youtu.be/9rcyXSsb74g

2. Jenga with a twist

Wooden blocks are arranged together to make a stable tower, then players take turns pulling out blocks one by one. On each block, a dare is written. A player who doesn't do the dare gets a punishment.

drunk jenga, drinking games, and drunker tower image
fun, Jenga, and party game image

For classic jenga : players take turn pulling out blocks one by one. The loser is whoever pulls the last block before the tower crashes down.

Jenga and funny pictures image
3. Five second rule

A player reads out loud what's written on a card and the rest of the players take turns (every 5 seconds) to do what is written on a card / piece of paper. The winner gets to keep the card then the player with the most cards wins.

Example :
Card : Name 3 reasons to cry
Possible answer : death, pain, joy

4. Do you know your lover?

Each player has to identify the smell, body parts, etc.. of his or her partner while blindfolded. To do so, different people will be smelled and their different body parts will be touched. The player with the most right guesses wins.

The Couples' tag can be included in here as well : Individually, partners write down an answer for each question and the couple with the most matched answers wins.

5. Two truths and a lie

As the title suggests, a player states 3 things about themselves and the next player has to guess which statement among the three is a lie. The winner is either the one who guessed the lie correctly or the one whose lie was not detected.


During all of these games, punishments and rewards can be provided depending on the age of the players or on the level of 'spiciness' the players are willing to achieve. Here are some ideas :

Punishment : taking a shot, getting no points, eating non-yummy foods, washing dishes for a week, no sex for a week

Rewards : Getting points, taking 0 shots, eating yummy foods, getting your dishes washed, getting laid

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