A, age


B, best movie

Clueless, quotes, and movie image fifty shades freed and love image
Cluless, Fifty shades and suicide squad are some of my favorits.

C, current time

2:36 am

D, drink you last drank

red bull and redbull image
Red Bull <3

E, everyday starts with


F, favorite song

xo, the weeknd, and abel tesfaye image
Wasted Times - The Weeknd

G, grossest memory


H, height

165 cm / 5.4 feet

I, in love with

My dog :)

dog, puppy, and cute image

J, jealous of

People who like training and eat healthy

Temporarily removed food and fruit image

K, killed someone


L, last time you cried

Last week I think

Image by H E L E N

M, middle name

Anny, Elise

N, number of siblings


O, one wish

That i had money so I could travel everywhere

P, person you last called

My sister

Q, question you're always asked

Are those your real nails / lashes?

nails, tattoo, and gucci image makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image
It is not a question that people ALWAYS ask me, but some times (it's quite annoying) and I couldn't think of any other question

R, reasons to smile

Summer will be here soon

coachella, girl, and fashion image girl, summer, and beach image girl, summer, and beach image Image by O F T Y

S, song you last sang

Party Monster - The Weeknd

T, time you woke up


U, underwear color

Mature image
Red ;))

V, vacation place

Image removed travel image
My dream vacation is New York or London
travel, wanderlust, and world image
My latest vacation we went to Barcelona

W, worst habit

Forgetting things or oversleeping

bed, cosy, and pillow image
I just love my bed <333

X, x-rays you've had

One of my teeth / mouth because of my braces

Y, your favorit food

I love almost all that you can eat but if I have to choose I would say tacos and sushi

food image food, sushi, and yummy image

Z, zodiac sign

Sagittarius, wallpaper, and lockscreen image

Thanks for reading, I have never done anything like this so I hope you liked it. I am so sorry for the bad grammar and spelling, English is not my original language so I hope that you can ignore all the mistakes I have made.