Hello everyone! How are you? :)
Today I'm doing a chellange - how I see myself as a fictional character.
I find it very funny and interesting.
Let's start....

Name : Ophelia

girl, city, and night image


hair, short hair, and hairstyle image girl, eyes, and freckles image Image by 𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐀 Image removed
Ophelia would have got short, brown hair, freckles, big brown eyes with long eyelashes and cute smile.


Temporarily removed phoebe tonkin, red, and dress image fashion and shoes image hair, girl, and hairstyle image hair, fashion, and style image clothes, fashion, and grunge image girl, black, and indie image fashion, girl, and style image
Ophelia would wear dot dresses, black leather jacket, rock shoes, beret


quotes, infinite, and gif image breaking bad, krysten ritter, and grunge image pure, brooke shields, and movie image love, couple, and the 1975 image love, couple, and 90s image girl, nature, and travel image
Ophelia would be self-confident, creative, friendly, clever, free and dreamy.


quotes, beautiful, and girl image moonlight and quotes image atticus and words image Image by m quotes and new york image inspiration, quote, and quotes image

Where Ophelia lives?

new york, city, and travel image
Brooklyn, NY

Who Ophelia is?

art, girl, and drawing image
An artist

What Ophelia likes?

book, girl, and reading image art and love image flowers, nature, and sun image red, cherry, and food image audrey hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany's, and movie image Mature image harry potter, ron weasley, and ron image the 1975, band, and music image
art, reading, nature, cherries, old movies, bad guys, eating haha, rock

Hope you enjoy it!
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See you soon <3