Hello beautiful people!
So this is my first article, i honestly hope i get views for this, im actually just super bored lol.
So today i will be sharing my favourite k-idols, cause kpop is baisically life lol. So enough small talk, lets get to it

10. Dean

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this man honestly just has my heart. He is so perfect and soulful~

9. Lucas

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his smile is honestly so precious omfggg

8. Kim Jonghyun

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always with you <3

7. Lisa

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I fell in love with her big doe eyes, so cute ^-^

6. BamBam

bambam, got7, and kpop image got7, bambam, and kunpimook bhuwakul image bambam, got7, and kunpimook bhuwakul image kpop, bambam, and got7 image
I just love this man, its hard to explain exactly why *-*

-TOP 5-

5. Taemin

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he is my virtual boyfriend

4. Park Jimin

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He is the definition of an eggrolllllll (Jin featured cause hes amazing) Jimin was my first bias ever in kpop so he means alot to me

3. RM

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I love his dimples, and how inspirational he is, hes helped me alot. But give jimin his jams.

2. Kim (V) Taehyung

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Q: What is your mental age? Tae: Three

1. Min SUgaaaaa

bts, suga, and min yoongi image Image by Min Yoongi. Temporarily removed bts, suga, and yoongi image
jjang jjang man boong boong

Well thats all for now hearters <3 Pleeaasse leave a like and give me support if you want more like this!!
Do we have the same bias? Love yourself, love myself, peace~

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