Literature is a luxury; fiction is a necessity.

For those who do not know, I love reading and I love writing. I have a Wattpad account where I publish all my works and I'm very fond of it. I am one of those people who are able to create a specific writing style so my works are very easy to recognize. Anyway, I've seen this tag/challenge around for a while now and I though that it would be fun to present myself as a fictional character, which is something that I already to on a daily basis but whatever.

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Vanina Nugent / Vanina Eloise Matti

As you can see my character has two names, if it doesn't make sense to you let me expplain. Vanina and I do have many things in common, the first one being that we are both adopted, having our own name and the name that our biological mother gave us. The first one is her current name and the second one is the name she was given at birth.

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Vanina is my sister's name, but that's now why I chose it, I chose it because it sounds wild and free and that's how I want to feel most of the time. Her last name Nugent is French and so am I while Matti is Hindu.

Vanina's physique

I wanted to make Vanina the opposite of myself regarding her physique, which is why I made her white and extremely pale. She has grey eyes that carry a storm within and soft small lips, her hair is so fair it almost looks grey and she's very athletic since she has to face situations that could kill her most of the time.

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Vanina's personality

Vanina is everything I used to be back when I was depressed, but she's also everything that I am currently. She's the kind of woman who puts on a strong face but who is filled with insecurities on the inside. She worried a lot about her family, espetially about her mother. She's a very strong woman who isn't afraid to show her true colours, she will criticize you and protect you no matter what. She was raised in a rich family so she doesn't really know the struggle, but she had a very strong sense of freedom.

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Vanina's friends

Vanina doesn't have many friends, she's sometimes afraid to show her feelings, which is why it's hard for people to understand her or to even like her. Yet, she has some friends she can count on no matter what. Her best friend ever is Alyssa, a girl who loves make up and high heels more than anything, then there's Lukas, who is blind and young but the wisest of them all, there's also Brysen, her younger brother who means the world to her. And finally there's Jessamine (Jadness for short), who's both her girlfriend and her best friend.

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Things Vanina likes

Vanina doesn't like many things, but what she likes, she adores. She really loves her dog, Luna, she has been taking care of her since she was a child. She also really loves fighting, she's a very violent person which is why she likes training to blow off some steem. She also really likes art, but she doesn't paint that much anymore.

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Where Vanina lives

Vanina lives in Paris, she likes waking up in the morning and staring at the Tour Eiffel from her apartment. She likes going out to shop in the most expensive shops even though she will never wear them. She has her own appartment, but she also goes up to her mother's mansion from time to time.

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What Vanina is

I'm not sure I can answer this question. She lives in a world filled with magic, angels and more, I think she whoukld look great in the Shadowhunter universe, but she's more than that. Let's just say that she's something else.

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And I guess that's it guys, I hope you liked this article and that you won't judge me about how crazy I am in general.
- Dahiandra