I know that Valentines Day has been long gone but I don't care, I'm still in the romantic season because why not? Love is love and is celebrated all year round. With saying that I decided to talk about an interesting topic. Ideal types... Now, these have been around for ages, everyone has one of who they want to be within the the future and that's ok because we all have them whether we like it or not. Some people have the stereotypical lovey-dovey and hot type or the funny personality and smile. Though they break most of the time and people tend to disagree with this statement saying that they stick with what they want and that's fine by me. However, people tend to change their minds once they meet a person they want to settle with. These expectations of a person are meant to break and that's okay.

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People tend to say they stick with what they want and how they have high expectations of people of who they want to be with, sometimes it can go a bit overboard and that's when we need to learn to let go of some of these expectations. Everyone has an ideal type whether you believe it or not we all do, you might say you're not fussed on who you want to be with but gradually as you start dating people within your life you know what you do and don't like within a person. Your mind kind of sets these expectations for you without even realising it even in looks of a person matter. This is when girls start to feel more sensitive and insecure about their looks so that they can try to impress their current partner/lover, though I think people forget that personality counts as an expectation as well to other people. That's where I think people should be more focused on the characteristics of a person than actual looks. Personality definitely counts as an expectation, we don't tend to focus n those and no one actually realises if that person is right for them or not until you're actually halfway in the relationship. We need to stop and think through carefully if someone is right for them, maybe just go on a couple of dates with the person you find attractive and see if they fit you. You need to have an open mind though, no one is perfect like stop seriously get over it people will have their flaws and that's ok. If you're a person who has a list of what you want, I don't think you'll get anywhere with a relationship if you're not being open minded and that's important for a relationship on both ends. If the relationship isn't compromising. if you can't relate or deal with the person you're in a relationship with then I think you need to overthink your expectations of a person.

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Let's talk about people who have the stereotypical of I want a "hot, romantic, funny guy" like really girlfriend really because I highly doubt that, once you date someone those basic stereotypical ideal types peel away once you have an expectation. God I remember when one of my girlfriends was telling me why she liked the guy she was dating and said "funny and cute" like ughhhhh girl give me details what's his personality like? the only response would be "funny and nice" like girlfriend you spent some time with him, there would be more to his personality than "funny and nice". Once I met the guy, I found out that there was more to his personality and yes he was actually funny but I actually got to know him for who he was and to this day he's my best friend even though they had broken up we still are friends and nothing is awkward. Besides from that though you see what I mean when girls are being stereotypical or vague, you deserve better for yourself I mean you can have high expectations just be more realistic about it. I know I've said this a lot but being open-minded I'd say is the key to whether or not this person suits you or not but you shouldn't be too picky with what you want because not everyone can be exactly what you want them to be. More importantly is if that person is faithful and trustworthy, if you get those both in one then you should appreciate that, a lot of people only tend to care with what they want and it's always so vague. Whenever it is vague none of their answers is a trustworthy or a faithful manned it's important because no guy is worthy of a woman if they can't be either of those and women tend to overlook that trait. It's time we look deeper into what we meant in a relationship and not be so stereotypical or vague about it, it's time we deal with people who are actually worthy of us instead of those who aren't.

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Ok, ok now ladies you need to know that it is absolutely okay if you're ideal type starts to break, it happens a lot and it's completely normal so don't start panicking about because it's ridiculous. Ideal types, they all break all the time so it's not a huge surprise honestly because I dated a guy who was nothing like my expectations and yes I was vague and young and dumb but whatever I dated him anyways. My type of guy I had set for myself was a romantic, dominant, funny guy bt I got the complete opposite when I started dating him because he was shy, quite and a huge gamer. So with this in mind after our breakup a lot of people would ask me "why did you date him?" Because I can, people would judge me left and right, most of the time, the comments I hated the most though was "he doesn't even seem to be your type". Yes I know he's not but at least he made rethink of what is or isn't worthy of me, I even had time to reflect on myself so I saw the breakup as more of a positive thing than negative. I think this is what every person should do after they go through a breakup because it's not worth blaming on yourself or them when you need to see your mistakes and just fix them when you go through another relationship. It's also so good to reflect on what sort of person actually suits you, yes it's scary because your expectations changes so suddenly but it's good to experience plus you'll learn a lot about yourself that you didn't learn before. We just need to accept these new changes into our lives and learn that it's okay if they change.

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Furthermore, people need to learn how to accept change and not be so vague about everything or even stereotypical. It's time we be more more open-minded and empathetic towards people and not be so selfish about ourselves. It's time we start accepting people for who they are, whether you like them or not.

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