so this is going to be a little bit weird okay... hey there this is my second article here if you haven't seen the first one click here so for today's writing, it's going to be about: what life has taught me (so ordinary I know)

#1: Accept
it's like saving time, energy, and worthy emotions instead of blaming every single thing on earth and sometimes yourself

#2: I hate reptiles but I cant kill all of them, I love plants but I cant own every single one.

#3: sometimes I am more confident in myself than other days but the difference is all in my head where the rest of the things are

#4: I love sounds so much ( asmr, music, people voices, nature, etc..) but still silence is always the best because it lets you hear your own voice.

#5: you won't be the same person tomorrow

#6: sometimes the reason you're so negative is that you're looking at life from the wrong window

#7: when you repeat a word or a phrase so much it becomes meaningless

#8: snails never nagged about how fast time passes

#9: sometimes when people nag at you they say the things they want to say to themselves

#10: the best way to improve your self-esteem is to take selfies

#11: details make all the difference

#12: in life, there is no right or wrong, there are no rules you put your own so why follow others' if it doesn't match yours

#13: your life is your piece of art

#14: as I mentioned earlier, give yourself its worth and love yourself.

#15: treat people in a way that represent how good are you not how bad are they

#16: ( the last and hardest ) stop watering dead plants

these aren't any quotes from Pinterest or anything these are things I learned in my life and those that I experienced either in a hard or an easy way. it's not necessary that I work with them in every single thing in my life but still, I feel its worth to share with everyone.

well, I hope you like it. tell me which ones did you agree with and which ones you did not, why and why not, because I like to hear from you and I think seeing life only from one point of view is really boring and limited.
And yeah, tell me your suggestions for more writing prompts ... love you, take care uwu