Hi friends!
Since we didn't really have spring because of extremly long winter, I decided to write about activities you can do in summer, other than sunbathing.
So let's get into it. ☺


• Ride a bike

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• Go canoeing

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• Watch sunset

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• Go outside with your dog

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• Go camping

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• Go hiking

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• Cook a new recipe

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• Practice yoga

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• Go swimming

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• Go to a petting zoo

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• Create landart

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• Build a sandcastle

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• Make great memories

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• Add plants to your room

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• Find shapes in the clouds

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• Make yummy smooties

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• Read poems

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• Walk barefoot

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• Find shells

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• Travel

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• Enjoy

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So that's it. These are my tips for summer activities.☺ Thank you for reading.

Also thank you for 500+ followers. That's unbelievable for me. ♥ Thank you so so much. Love you all.