Hey, cuties!Here I am with another kpop inspired lookbook article!This video clip screams sping to me so I thought it will be perfect for this season.

❁ Look #1

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Denim Jacket | Jeans | Red Graphic T-shirt | Sneakers
Light wash denim is a great option for the spring/summer season!Pair it with a bold red vintage graphic tee to complete the look!

❁ Look #2

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Yellow Denim Jacket | Yellow T-shirt | Jeans or Tracksuit | Vans | Vintage Socks
This look has some serious 80's vintage vibes to it!Yellow is so in right now so here is a great way to rock it this spring!

❁ Look #3

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Red Suit | Silk Blouse | Earrings | Sneakers
This look combines edgy and chic in such a great way!Accessorize the look with a silk bandana around your neck and earrings!

That's it for today's article!BTS is such an inspiration to me, even though they are a boy band!Feel free to send me your own band/songs recommendations for my next article on those series!See ya soon xixixi



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