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Today, I'm going to be describing how I see myself as a fictional character. I read a lot of similar articles and I like this idea, because I love to write and read fanfiction. And I think it's cool when you can create your own fictional character.
Let's get started!


Idel Shefner

Idel, derived from German edel meaning - noble, precious, fine, aristocratic, gallant, regal.


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short brown wavy hair
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green eyes,pale skin
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thin,medium height
piercing, earrings, and accessories image Temporarily removed
ears and nose piercing


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Idel's style is simple and casual. She likes wearing jeans, coats and sweaters. Also,she likes black shoes and rings.


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Idel is a good friend.She's kind,creative and cheerful.But sometimes she can move away from the outside world and plunged in thought.

What Idel's like

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She loves animals, travelling,photography, reading books, drinking hot tea, growing flowers. Also,she is fascinated with astrology.

Where Idel lives

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She lives in a small house in Switzerland.

Quotes Idel lives by

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