Good morning!/Afternoon!/Evening! This is my second own article and I finally decided to write down some themes /I mean, color themes/ for your awesome page on Instagram. Also here will be some filters from VSCO, if u want to try theme for your photo.


First one is a minimalistic theme. Here are we can see:

  • Black&white
  • Photo without filters /u can use only exposition and contrast if photo needs in that/
  • Dominant white color

And the less items on the photo, the better it is.

fashion, style, and black and white image details, fashion, and girl image clothes, fashion, and girl image bed, bedroom, and breakfast image
minimalistic 'n airy
Filters// T1, B1-B6


This theme is going to be like rose 'n gold or pink 'n champagne.

  • Dominant pink color
  • High contrast
  • Exposition lower that 0

I saw some profiles on WHI that upload and like photos only in this theme.

dress, fashion, and model image paris, travel, and france image Inspiring Image on We Heart It colour and girl image
rose 'n gold
Filtres// E3, HB2


Next theme is a verdancy theme. It includes

  • Colors are natural+green
  • Almost no using editing apps
  • Make photos when it's sunny day
coffee, cafe, and cozy image brunette, dress, and fashion image attractive, beautiful, and beauty image cosy, cozy, and flowers image
verdancy 'n fresh
Filtres// A6


Who loves "gold" photos? The fourth theme is suitable for people, who likes to impart to photos kind of luxury 'n gucci style. So, gold theme:

  • Dominant color is yellow (better - shiny yellow)
  • Exposition + and contrast +
  • Saturation a little bit lower than 0
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by springkg chanel, aesthetic, and beige image
gucci /'n gold
Filtres// HB2, F2


The last one is my favourite, and I don't know which word can I apply to this theme. It's simple theme. I hope u will understand what I mean after examples.

  • Try not to use filtres
  • Make photos in a sunny weather (I think this advice is suitable for every theme)
  • Here can be all colors: from white to black
  • Photos in motion
magazine and black and white image beauty, girl, and girly image beauty, girl, and girly image beauty, dress, and fashion image
simple 'n beyond
Filtres// A6

Yeah! We've finished! I hope u took some advices and maybe themes. Thank u so much for reading this article! See u next time xx

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