so today i wanted to write an all travel-themed article! i will tell things like how i normally travel, places i've visited and i want to visit, my travel aesthetic, idk i will just talk about travelling because i love it so much and it honestly is such a big part of me, so enjoy reading it <33

places i've visited

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  • england: cambridge, oxford & london
  • france: normandy (probs more because i've been to france thousands of times)
  • belgium: gent, antwerp & brussels
  • greece: corfu & crete
  • luxembourg
  • germany: hannover & trier
  • spain: andalusia

of course i've visited more places in the countries self, but those are just little places nobody knows haha ((:

travelling i'll do this year

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  • may: england, to a place near oxford
  • july/august: a roadtrip through norway!! i'm so excited (:
  • october: belgium, to a place very near the netherlands

my dream trip

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  • my dream trip is a world trip. i really want to see places all over the world. my plans are therefore to go on a world trip when i'm a little bit older, probs when i graduate from high school
  • i'll probably go with my friends because we've thrilling plans to travel together <33 but alone is also okay with me
  • i'll go by plane, obviously because that's the easiest way. i'll go by car only to the places i can reach with a car.
  • i'll do culture things like visiting castles and museums, but also enjoy the weather and go to the beach.

my travel aesthetic

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that was it already, i hope you enjoy your sunday!!!

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byeee xoxo