1)When you get up in the morning, clean your room and tighten the bed.There is no better feeling then the one when you come home after a busy day and your room is nice and clean.

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2)Get up early in the morning and watch how the world around you wakes up.

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3)Meditate-connect your mind, body and soul

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4)Work out

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5)Drink coffee in the morning and drink tea in the evening

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6)Set your priorities

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7)Take break-your mind and body needs a break for further challenges

8)Try self-growth challenge

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9)Go for a walk

10)Wrap yourself in the blanket and watch your favorite TV show

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11)Learn something new

12)Read a book

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13)Do something fun with your best friend

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14)Dance like crazy

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15)Set some goals

16)Try something new

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18)Ride a bicycle

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19)Let go things you cannot control

20)Don't give up

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