It what I wanted to say in this article was to thank Tim Bergling (the stage name Avicii) who just died, only 28 years old (1989-2018).
He was a big inspiration for me and ofc I was upset when I heard the news. I have a lot of nice memories about those spectacular songs what he did. I will listen to those songs and remember those memories forever. I'm not going to forget you Tim, you're a legend.
It would have been so cool if I had been to your concert, but we can't get everything we want. But if you (you who are reading this :D) have been in Avicii's concert, be happy! I've seen videos of those concerts and they look sooo cool.
But now THANK YOU TIM, I hope you find a peace and your friends, family and fans stay strong with the case :/

love you <3

Go watch Avicii's True Stories from Netflix! It's very interesting.

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Thank you for reading my first article <3