Hi guys, you probably don't know that I love writing stories. I would love to write about some other stuff but I don't know about what, that's why chose to write stories.

this is my first part of my story named "the little me" enjoy :)

Chapter one

Today is the first of September 1984 and we're moving from Alabama to New York, I never wanted that to happen. But after my dad lost his job and didn't find another one, he chose to look outside of Alabama for a job. And he luckily found one, but in New York. I remember being angry when our parents told us that we are going to move away because my life finally turned out how I wanted it to be. I had no FFF (fuck fake friends) anymore, I was popular in school and a cute boy named Jake finally liked me back. And where am I now? Just sitting in the car with my annoying parents and the biggest pain in the ass (my big brother). After sitting in the car for 16 hour's, we finally arrived in NYC. I have to admit even tho I wasn't happy about the fact that we had to move away I was extremely overwhelmed of the city. My dad bought a house in Queens and told us, that it's a beautiful one, I have to say he was right the house is beautiful, we even have a pool. But even tho the house looks better than the one in Alabama I still would give anything to move back.
Tomorrow is my first day of school.
Let's see how this will turn out, hopefully good.

this was the first part of my story hope you liked it, ohh and please don't judge my English, English isn't my first language

everything seems impossible until it is done ~ Nelson Mandela