Hello everyone, and welcome to my third article! Today I’m going to write down a list of my favorite youtubers! I don’t watch all of the videos on every channel in this article. So don’t assume I’m a super fan. (The Dolan Twins are an exception!) I hope you enjoy my article.

So, here we go, have fun reading!

MY FAVORITE youtubers

  • DOLAN TWINS, duh
grayson dolan, ethan dolan, and dolan twins image ethan dolan, dolan twins, and grayson dolan image dolan twins image poems, quotes, and words image
  • James Charles
boy, eyebrows, and eyelashes image makeup, james charles, and blue image
  • Emma Chamberlain
emma chamberlain image emma chamberlain image
  • Sean O’Donnell
art, bae, and cute boys image Temporarily removed
  • iJustine
Image removed dog, gamer, and gamer girl image
  • Talyn Sunshine
Image removed
  • Connor Franta
connor franta, boy, and youtube image frases and gif image
  • IISuperwomanII
black, Modelling, and puppy image Image removed
  • Miranda Sings
Temporarily removed miranda sings image
  • Merrell Twins
merrell twins, veronica merrell, and vanessa merrell image Image removed
  • Liza Koshy
Temporarily removed Image removed
  • KianAndJc
jc caylen and kian lawley image jc caylen, kian lawley, and kian and jc image
  • Safiya Nygaard
fashion, style, and youtube image fashion, style, and youtube image
  • MrBeast
beast, blue eyes, and boy image

DUTCH youtubers

  • Acid
acid, apple, and bed image acid, app, and black image
  • Kalvijn
hipster, youtube, and kelvin boerma image hipster, youtube, and kelvin boerma image
  • DoorJarne (He doesn’t upload anymore)
  • StukTV
youtube, love, and stuktv image Temporarily removed

OTHER youtube-channels

  • Our2ndLife (I know they don’t upload on that channel anymore)
Image by Yesenia ♡ youtube, jc caylen, and kian lawley image
  • BuzzFeedVideo
Eugene, Hot, and keith image Image removed

I hope you enjoyed my article!
And 'tot de volgende keer' (until next time) as they say in Dutch!