Holaaa chicos,
Until a few months ago I couldn't match my IG feed, it was crazy as me, it wasn't pretty to see even if my shots were good.
Today I can say that I'm really proud of my feed, it is in the shades of blue because I love take photos of the sea, beach, sky ext...
Anyway I'm here to share with you how to select and choose a way for your feed.
It is a personal choice, you have to follow what you like but you have to do a personal analysis of your shots... for example if the most of your shots are in the shades of red you have to select only the shots with red, brown and hot colors.
I know that it isn't an helpful advice but it's the truth.
Buuuut I can tell you what I use to edit my shots...
First I love edit the lights, shadows, colors with Vsco (I really can't publish a photo without my beloved app), then if I need to edit only a part of my shot I use Snapseed to adjust the amount of sharpness, instead if I need to add particular details, lights or effects I use after lights.
I hope it's helpful for you and if you want more advices write me in direct messages on instagram ( @ jassfede ).
See you❤️