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what does love mean to you?

the feeling you get when you realize that you've finally found something you've been looking for your whole life. love repairs our damaged soul and heals the wounds and scratches sadness has put on it. It's just ineffable. it's so much more than words can describe. it makes us feel happy, important and above all, ofc. loved.

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why do you think we feel love?

it makes us complete. and it's such a beautiful feeling knowing that someone out there truly cares about you and will be there to calm you down in your hard times. we need love to make us feel alive. it brings out the part of us we never knew existed. it's the strongest emotion. to love and to be loved is a wonderful feeling.

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do you believe in love at first sight?

i don't know. i'm not sure whether it's true or not. because at first sight, you fall for them because of their appearance (idk. i've never fallen in love at first sight..) and not because of who they are. you just desire that person because of how they look. love is a strong emotion and you just can't go out falling in love with someone you find attractive. i don't even think that it would be called as 'love' at all. you don't love that person, you just desire him. yeah it may last forever if it's meant to be, though.

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do you consider yourself a romantic person?

yeah, i can be.

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what is, in your opinion, the best part about being is love?

knowing that someone will be there for you when you think you're alone. holds you close and makes you feel comfortable, never lets you down. the beautiful part is, you can be your true self around that person without the fear of being judged. share your secrets, talk about anything and everything. when you look at that person, you feel like you're the the happiest person on the earth. that person will heal you, never let a tear fall from your eyes because of them, will accept you for who you are. that's the best part.

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what do you expect from the love of your life?

i haven't met the love of my life yet. too young, haha. and i don't even want to rush into it.
i just want him to make me realize that i am enough. i matter. because i always let myself down and think that i am not good enough. i always think that i 'can be better'. i want him to make me realize my worth. make me feel worthy enough to be loved for what i am. i don't just want him to fall in love with my perfections, i want him to fall in love with my flaws too. i want him to accept me. i want someone who can make me smile even when i'm crying.

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have you already found the love of your life?

not yet.

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do you think love can be forever?

definitely, it can be. just don't fall in love with the idea of being in love. fall in love because of how the other person makes you feel, for what he is.

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how do you make others feel loved?

by always being there for them, never making them feel like they are alone or they have to deal with their problems alone. by surprising them, doing something special for them on their special day! i can always help them and never say 'no'. i can pretty much do anything for someone i truly care about. not just talking about boyfriend, but family and friends too. helping people i love is my goal. if they need something, i'd be quick to help them and if i have it, they got it.

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