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Today I'll be doing the abc tag of which I don't know who created it (if you did, you can always message me and then I'll give you the credit for it). I was tagged by my lovely friend Thess. You can find her article and beautiful WHI account here.

Now, lets get started!

a | age

I'm 18 years old, 19 in July.

b | best feature

My legs or my hair, one of those two I guess.

c | color

There are many beautiful colors, but my favorite at the moment is soft yellow.

d | deepest regret

Not telling a certain person how I felt about him.

e | everyday starts with

Yawning, and checking my WHI.

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f | favorite show

Game Of Thrones, but at the moment it's Criminal Minds.

g | greatest accomplishment

The last play I worked on and acted in, because we wrote and made it ourselves, before I got my drama certificate.

h | height

I'm tall, 185 centimeters to be precise.

i | in love with

My bed? Lol.

j | job of my dreams

I don't really have one. I just want to be able to help people. Traveling the world would be a nice add though.

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k | kids I want

I don't know, I'll see when I'm older.

l | last thing I ate


m | magical power I want

Invisibility, telekinesis or time/space traveling.

n | number of siblings

Two, a younger brother and an older sister.

o | one favorite song

Like I've said many times, I don't have one. But if I really have to just pink one, it'd be Car Radio by Twenty One Pilots.

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p | person I last texted

Through texts on my phone, it's my sister.

q | question I'm always asked

How old are you? How tall are you? How many music concerts have you planned at the moment?

r | reasons to smile

At the moment, the sun. Otherwise it's music, family, friends and so on.

s | sexuality

Funny no one has actually asked me before, not even in real life. I honestly don't like putting a label on it, but I'm bisexual.

t | time I wake up

When I have to go to university, it's 7:30. But when I have nothing to do, it's usually 10:30 or even later.

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u | underwear color

Usually, black. Right now, grey.

v | vacation place

My favorite holiday destination is definitely Italy!

w | worst habit

I'm a procrastinator.

x | x-rays you've had

I have no idea, but I think none.

y | your favorite drink

Ice Tea.

z | zodiac sign

My sun sign is Cancer.

♥ | tagging other hearters

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♥ | the end

As this was an article where I told a lot about myself, I thought about adding something else too. I joined TheWHISquad some time ago, which I'm really happy about. We're a group of friends hosting contests with the hashtag #WHITheCollectors so you should totally check that out! You can find our WHI group account here.

There are a lot of amazing girls in TWS so you should definitely check out there accounts too!
Thank you for reading! Love, Paulien.

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