I've seen this article a lot lately and I've decided to make one. Enjoy!

Name :

Siv Bentley

Physique :

hair, brunette, and hairstyle image girl, hair, and city image
armpit length dark wavy hair.
makeup, eyes, and eye image
hazel eyes, naturally long and thick eyelashes.
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atheltic, average height. olive skin, speckled with freckles.

Style :

beige, red, and vintage image
90's fashion, bold colors.

Personality :

girl, beauty, and smile image fashion image dark, hand, and light image Image by ᴹᴼᴼᴺ s͙h͙i͙n͙e͙
always smiling, optimistic, clumsy, comedic, reserved, rebellious and adventurous

Likes :

Temporarily removed travel, map, and car image armenia, Best, and forever image Image by Vanessa Hamza
friends, adventure, travelling, concerts, shopping and dogs.

Lives :

girl, fashion, and london image flowers, house, and brown image
two-bedroom flat in london.

Quotes :

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I hope you enjoyed this article!

- Eldrea