He was an angel, with the mind of a devil and that was what hauled me in.

He was the definition of perfection, his dark and mysterious vibe contrasted his snow-white wings, that towered over me - left me mesmerised.

He was everything I wanted but I know I didn't need, he was a man of wax, with his mind running a mile a minute.

I wanted him more than ever, his wings so soft and delicate - my fingers itched to have a little touch of them, wanting to marvel at the beauty and size.

His eyes had looked into my forest green eyes, and even the colour of his eyes, described as dark and boring, was a whole new universe I wanted to explore till my last breath.

He walked towards me, his strides getting quicker by the minute, my heartbeat beating quicker than his strides. My life flashed before my eyes, even the most beautiful creature ever place on Earth by God knew I wasn't worth the wait or the struggle.

My walls so high not even the angel could fly over them to save me, he was what I wanted but what he couldn't have.

Not because he was unlucky but because I was unlucky. To meet an angel, so perfect and flawless, only to realise I was nothing but a speck of life in this gigantic world with a billion more girls better than me in every way.

He was an angel - created by God to guard us all, and I was an abomination created by God to be shunned.


Hey angels!

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