Hello there!

It's been so long I wrote an article, so today is the perfect day to get use to it again.

1. Slayer

My favourite metal/ trash metal band. I've seen them live once and really hope I can get to see them again soon!!

band, black and white, and bw image slayer and repentless image band, music, and rip image metal image

2. Iron Maiden

First band I've ever seen live. I mean of course as a big band. Iron Maiden is my dad's favourite band, so we went to see them together and going to this summer!! So I'm super excited:)

iron maiden and metal image iron maiden, Bruce Dickinson, and singer image gif, iron maiden, and metal image iron maiden, fear of the dark, and rock image

3. Aerosmith

Actually I thought I hated Aerosmith like a two or one weeks ago... But I've just realized how cool their music is! I mean, the first Aersomith song I've heard was 'I don't wanna miss a thing' but my first song was 'Dream on' that got me into them.

aerosmith dream on image Guns N Roses and aerosmith image Image removed aerosmith, concert, and rock'n roll image

4. Led Zeppelin

Can you say anything more awesome than the 'Immigrant Song'? Or more beautiful than 'Stairway to Heaven'? And I haven't even mentioned 'Whole Lotta Love' yet!

led zeppelin, concert, and vintage image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed led zeppelin image

5. Red Hot Chili Peppers

I only liked 'Californication' till like yesterday. But I discovered so many great songs I'm really into them, or actually was in the past 24 hours:)

Image by Intricate Syndacate 1990s, anthony kiedis, and concert image 80's, alternative, and anthony kiedis image anthony kiedis, chad smith, and flea image

So these were my other 'Top 5 Bands' hope you liked it, and some of your favourites are here too:) let me know if yes!!
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And hopefully see you all next time!