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1. The season you hate most.

If I have to choose, probably the last one.

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2. Female character you hate the most


series, sirens, and stefan image the vampire diaries, caroline forbes, and matt donovan image

3. Male character you hate the most.

Kai and Cade

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4. What character you wouldn´t be?

Vicky Donovan

Vampire Diaries, the vampire diaries, and kayla ewell image vicky donovan and tyler lockwood image

5. The family you like the least.


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6. What you wouldn´t be: Werewolf, Vampire or Witch?


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7. The villain you hate the most.


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8. The ship you hate the most

Maroline (Matt+Caroline)

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9. The friendship you hate the most.

Matt and Elena

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10. The secondary character you hate the most.

Wesley Maxfield

Image by Aljena Image by Aljena