We all know and wait for Coachella every year.
But what do we really wait for?
We probably wait for our favourite top model to post pictures of their outfits or for one of the youtubers we follow to make a vlog of it all.
But did you know that Coachella is a festival and not fashion week?
I'm sick and tired of people saying "OMG I'd die to go to Coachella" because they want to feel part of something that is actually only pictures on instagram.
Everyone keeps posting images of themselves perfectly dressed and always smiling, but nobody talks about the music, which is the main point of a festival.
Just think about it for a moment, festivals are places where people go listen to their favourite artists and discover new ones, to dance, to party, to have fun and to feel alive.
Do you think that your ig inspo is actually enjoying it all or just wasting time to take good pics?

Woodstock was a festival, Coachella is not worth this name.