inspired by some others

if i were a. . . planet

gif and neptune image neptune and planet image space, planet, and art image neptune, planet, and space image
it rains diamonds on neptune

if i were a. . . feeling

quotes, grunge, and hope image boy, smoke, and cigarette image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
melancholy and nostalgia

if i were a. . . flower

aesthetic, girl, and grunge image Mature image Temporarily removed love, rose, and red image

if i were a. . . season

girl, night, and friends image aesthetic, beach, and blue image Temporarily removed edit, icon, and armie hammer image

if i were a. . . fictional character

Mature image skins, love, and Effy image gif, call me by your name, and timothee chalamet image skin, Effy, and quotes image
elio from call me by your name and effy from skins,,, a sad boy and girl who once loved

if i were a. . . fairytale

light, night, and lantern image castle and vintage image Temporarily removed animal image

if i were an. . . element

Temporarily removed boy, burn, and fire image burn, fire, and house image Temporarily removed
im sort of a pyromaniac

if i were a. . . place

venice, italy, and night image aesthetic, boho, and Dream image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
italy is beautiful

if i were an. . . animal

giraffe, animal, and friends image girl, animal, and giraffe image adventure, animals, and bag image giraffe, animal, and sky image
giraffes are the cutest

if i were a. . . colour

red, beautiful, and aesthetic image hell, grunge, and aesthetic image Image removed quotes, red, and halsey image
red is sexy