Hey guys!
Today I'm gonna do the 'If I were a' tag! Hope you like it :)


rose, flowers, and pink image
If I was a flower, then I'd definetly be a rose <3


clean bandit, rather be, and jess glynne image
This song is SO me I love it so much!!


food, yummy, and pancakes image
If I was a dessert I'd be a strawberry and crème crepe!


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If I was a character I'd be Amy Pond from Doctor Who because I LOVE HER SO MUCH AHH


art, colosseum, and pencil image
If I was a city I'd be Rome because one, I love Italy and two, I love history.


flowers, beautiful, and nature image
If I was a season I'd be Spring because it is so bright and full of flowers!


flowers, girl, and hair image
If I was an accessory I'd be a flower crown because they are just gorgeous!!

Historic period

architecture, aesthetic, and ancient image
If I were a historic period I'd be Ancient Greece because it is so fascinating and if you think about it, very civilized.

That was my 'If I were a' tag article! Hope you liked it :)
Try it out yourself and see what u get!
C ya next time,
Love Connie xox