today i will introduce you to my ultimate kpop group aka winner. im thinking about making guides like that with other not that famous but still my fav kpop groups bc i think they deserve a lot of love. i hope that the things i will say here will make you interested in them. pls show them a lot of love, they deserve it. โ™ก

โ—‹ winner / ์œ„๋„ˆ โ—‹
under: yg entertainment
debut song: empty (2014, written by hanbin, bobby and mino)
latest song: everyday (2018, written by seungyoon, mino, seunghoon)
current number of members: 4

winner, mino, and kpop image kpop, winner, and kang seung yoon image

โ—‹ members โ—‹

แƒฆkang seungyoon / yoon
- leader and maknae
- main vocalist, songwriter and composer
- '94 liner ( 21st of january )
- zodiac sign - aquarius
- instagram - w_n_r00

kpop, winner, and yg image winner and seungyoon image

แƒฆsong minho / mino
- face of the group
- main rapper, vocalist, songwriter and composer
- '93 liner ( 30 of march )
- zodiac sign - aries
- instagram - realllllmino

kpop, winner, and mino image winner, kpop, and mino image

แƒฆkim jinwoo / jinu
- visual, fake maknae, oldest
- lead vocalist
- '91 liner ( 26 of september )
- zodiac sign - libra
- instagram - xxjjjwww

winner and jinwoo image winner and jinwoo image

แƒฆlee seunghoon / hoony
- mood maker
- main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, songwriter
- '92 liner ( 11 of january )
- zodiac sign - capricorn
- instagram - maetamong

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โ—‹ past members โ—‹

แƒฆnam taehyun / taehyun
- maknae
- main vocalist, composer and songwriter
- '94 liner ( 10 of may )
- zodiac sign - taurus
- instagram - souththth
- he left winner in 2016 due to reported mental health issues

kpop, taehyun, and nam taehyun image kpop, taehyun, and nam taehyun image

tips on how to get to know them more - you can watch their winner tv or their survival show with ikon, called win: who's next. they were also on youth over flowers and they have a show called half moon friends where they spend their days with some children, while teaching them. (taehyun was still with them then) they also have vlive and vlive plus. you can watch the weekly idol episodes with them (ep 169 and 301), they are fun af lol.

song recommendation: but, tonight (both are composed by taehyun), don't flirt, fool, luxury, air, body (mino solo), confession and i'm young (taehyun solos), you (seungyoon solo)

well, that's it. winner are one of the best groups (well, the best for me) so please, don't sleep on them. they deserve a lot of love.^

kpop, winner, and mino image winner, mino, and taehyun image kpop, winner, and mino image kpop, winner, and mino image

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