Wandering through this world, wandering through the Internet, wandering through WeHeartIt...and I see so many broken people everywhere.

Some of them experiencing depression, anxiety, self-harm, loss of someone dear to them, rape, abuse, fake friends and many other issues. And my heart is crying and hurting for these and wishing to help them all, to give them hope and love.

There is no chance I could save them all but maybe you'd be surprised that there is someone who truly can. Or...he already did it. It's Jesus Christ. And before you stop reading, please, think. Think just hypothetically that the following text could help you. Because maybe you're desperate and don't see any way out, so what are you losing by giving Him a chance?

Jesus Christ came to this world because He loves you. You with all your flaws and imperfections, because He actually created you this way. He came and died the cruelest death for you to have an eternal life after this one, maybe full of pain and bad things. Maybe you don't believe in life after death, but what if?

Still reading? Okay, maybe you're now asking what to do to get in touch with Jesus. All you need to do is to talk to Him any way you're comfortable with. He hears you and understands. You just need to confess all your sins and ask Him to come into your life. You can pray for example this way:

Dear Jesus,
I know that I am a sinner and I have done many bad deeds in my life. But I ask you for forgiveness because I want to have an eternal life. Please, come into my heart and show me your love. Amen

Maybe you can see your life changing at the moment you pray. Maybe you will not and it can take a week or even a month but Jesus will definitely start to change your life, so just let Him to do it and watch.

Okay, sorry for this being so long. But if even just one person reads it and it helps her/him, it was worth it. If you are this person, feel free to contact me here on WeHeartIt and I will try to answer all possible questions you might have. I also suggest you to buy a Bible and to find a local church and to go there, because they can help you too.