april 2018, sunday morning

Hello guys ! How are y'all doing ?

So, recently, I've been seeing this kind of article popping everywhere on whi, and I really liked the idea, so I thought I could give it a try, and share with you guys my vision of myself as a fictional character !


The original article :



Alex, which is, I would say, a gender neutral name, because my character would be non-binary.


Abusive image abs, fitness, and girl image
thin, but not fitted, rather thick thighs, good booty, no boobs because had breast surgery, metisse
Image removed beautiful, eyes, and girl image
androgynous face with freckles, light brown eyes, and as for the hair, either short (like, shaved) hair, colored short braids or afro loose natural curls
astrology, constellation, and galaxy image Image removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
has an ear piercing and a septum, several tattos over the body, but favorite is the scorpio constellation one, because Alex is very proud of being Scorpio, and embraces it


outfit, aesthetic, and green image Temporarily removed aesthetic, clothes, and theme image fashion and girl image fashion, outfit, and style image Image by uppereastsiders
mostly wears this grunge classy 90's style, but also loves "delicate" clothes, like very flowy and soft materials


neon, light, and purple image beautiful, body, and fitted image beach, girl, and hair image girl, black and white, and indie image
solitary, loyal, confident, easily upset, sarcastic, stubborn, silent observer, creative, passionate

What Alex Likes

animal, dog, and puppy image blue, bujo, and bullet journal image food, coffee, and breakfast image mirror, home, and bedroom image artist, design, and deviantart image flowers, pink, and tulips image
dogs, bullet journaling, food, mirrors, art (includes books, music, photography, movies,...), flowers

Where Alex lives

Temporarily removed home, interior, and house image interior, bedroom, and home image city, travel, and view image
a small and cozy apartment in a big city (Paris, New York, LA or Sydney), with city views. mostly white and soft materials, lots of plants and art

Quotes Alex lives by

quotes, beautiful, and girl image quotes, text, and love image inspiring, quote, and love image quotes, kindness, and Harry Styles image quotes, grunge, and nice image advice, blush, and Get image



Thank you for reading, and see you on Wednesday sweeties !

Love, always.