Hey all! ♡
One of the things that I love about We Heart It is that we can make new friends. So, today I will tell you some things about myself, and I hope I can find some new friends here.

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♥ About me
I'm almost 18 years old
I love traveling, learning new languages and experiencing new cultures.

I listen to many different kinds of music and I like discovering new ones. My favourite kind is pop, but I am very open minded about music taste. I am listening to music all the time and I think it makes life so much better.

I'm currently in year 12. I enjoy learning new things. I like studying, but sometimes I can feel overwhelmed when I have too much work and little time. I think you can learn things everywhere, not only at school, and one of those ways is meeting and talking to people, and listening what they have to say.

I love reading literature and watching TV shows on Netflix, and I love when people recommend me the ones that they like.

I love the beach and other natural landscapes, but I also love cities. I enjoy exploring and adventure, but I also like being comfortable at home. I want to have many different experiences in my life.

I love spending time on WHI. I like that I can express myself, get inspired and meet new people. I want to spread positivity and make other people feel happy and motivated.

I also love dancing, fashion, food and dogs

♥ What I'm looking for in a friend
Actually, I'm looking for anyone who wants to make a new friend. I don't care if you like the same things as me or if you have different interests. I would love to learn new things, so it's okay if you are different.
I want to talk about anything, it can be books, TV shows, music or it can also be deep thoughts or feelings. I would love to hear some recommendations, I want to discover new music and books!
I love talking about dreams and projects and happy things, but I can also listen to you if you are feeling sad or insecure or whatever.
I'm looking for someone opend minded, who won't judge me.
I think there are many interesting people out there and I just want to meet some of you. I want to learn about your stories, or just have some funny conversations.
This can also be an opportunity for someone who is looking for someone to talk to because they are feeling lonely. We can help each other at hard times.

• • • • • • • • • • • •
Okay, that's all about me. Send me a postcard if you want to be friends with me

Thanks for reading this, and I hope you liked it ♡
I wish all of you a great day!