this week i saw an article about how i would see myself as a fictional character, and thought it was fun to think and come up with my idea of how i my own fictional character would be and look like.

so hey, here is what i’ve come up with!

shoutout to the people where i discovered this article from, thank you for being so creative to come up with this cute idea. :)

1, 2, 3, go go go!


nina, my real name. if i’m going to write something about how i would see myself as a fictional character then yes, i’m going to use my real name. ;)


nina has long straight light brown hair with bangs, freckles spreckled all over here face and blue/greenish eyes.

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she is short, has curvy hips and legs but narrow shoulders.

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on her left ear she has some piercings. probably a helix, daith and tragus.

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nina has a comfortable, casual but unique style. with a broad range from classy and minimal till a 80s/90s, retro style.

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nina is a good listener, optimistic, a dreamer, hardworking, very sarcastic when she has to, doesn’t judje people and gets called a mom friend pretty often.

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what nina likes

nina loves to travel to different places, eat delicious kinds of food, working in her little garden, deep conversations, contagious laughs, dancing to her fav music and sitting on her little balcony in the morning drinking a cup of tea while reading a book.

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where nina lives

nina lives in a quiet neighbourhood with big trees standing in front of her house with a cute balcony and rooftop garden. she lives close to the bustling city where she can enjoy nights out with her friends and shopping with her mom.

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quotes nina lives by

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hope you enjoyed reading this article!

for now have a good morning, good afternoon or good night,

and try to spread love and be yourself,

love, me x

update: wow, this idea is really all over whi.