(((Attention: This article is a preface to two other articles: (Think humanly and think deeply Part 1, Think humanly and think deeply part 2) The first part will talk about think humanly, And the second part will talk about think deeply, And the introductory will give you a simple idea of the two parts, So that you can easily understand each one, So there will be some similar sentences between the primer and the first and second part...!! So read the preamble first, And if you like it go to first one and then to second one, enjoy it~~)))

"Think humanly and think deeply"

Hello pure hearts:)💘..., Thanks for taking a little bit of your time to read my article, (I know that there is too much to read😅,But believe me it's useful😁!!). First before you start reading, Want to ask you something...
Amm..Forget everything... I just want you to let your humanity start working, And think deeply with me!, If you do that then you can understand what I'm trying to say...

Ok.. Have you seen a film before and felt like there is a deep idea in it?!! Where there is a story in it but it's purpose is not to show the story, But to try to convey an idea or solution to a deep problem, If you see these movies and know the idea, this will be a good thing, This is proof that your thinking is deep,But if you don't remember that you saw one of these films, This may be because you have not already seen them☻!!!, Or you saw it and didn't delve into it, And this is what I'm trying to do, Is to develop from the way of thinking so as to be deeper and more understanding. Optional for the example of the film does not mean that all I want from you is to understand the films, No, It's so I can deliver my idea to you, And all what I aspire is that your mind to be always open and "deep in the way of thinking".

(Sorry for my English, my original language is Arabic😅.. )

(I hope that you do not think I'm talking superficially. I know that your level of thinking is high and educated, But I try to make you deal with the hidden little things that many people do not care about, So they make mistakes in understanding it sometimes, And when they realize these things they will be more understanding for each other)

"Don't make your nationality, Your religion, Your traditions, Or even your color and age rule the way you treat others. Don't be racist or judge things hastily, But be wise and more understanding in your judgment..."


When you feel so upset, do you dare shout out loud in front of a lot of people?! I don't think so..🙂, But did you ask yourself why !?
In fact all you're going to do is take out the negative energy from inside you, This is not a strange thing..!!, But your fear of what people might think about you has prevented you from doing it... I think you understand what I mean...!.
It is not that strange, Why we made it as well, And we started to think that what he does is a madness, Why we do not think about it deeply and know that he thinks and feels like a human being, And he may felt so sad that he could not control himself, And that this is normal and
we all passed and we may pass this situation, So we have to give others space, Confidence and freedom in what they do, And know that they have conditions that we do not know..😥

In fact, I had a similar situation before.., I was walking with my friend at school and suddenly we heard a screaming, So we went to see what was going on,... It turned out that there were two girls who were
arguing. One of them was very angry and felt unjust and provoked, And suddenly the other pushed her on the ground and that made it worse..🙂, So she Screamed out loud from her depths.., At that time I took my friend's hand and walked away from that place to leave her a space, Because at that time I felt her attitude, And expected that she wants to be alone. I think she felt very hurt and sad, perhaps because she felt humiliated in front of everyone, "That's what i think😞"..., Because at that time I saw some girls whispering and laughing at her, And that was really sad and unacceptable😐, And this is what made us make up some of our actions so as not to pass the positions of ridicule of some people in us,...Idid not mention something.., That her sister hugged her after she screamed to make her feel safe, Because she knew she felt insulted and weak, And she was very sad about what the girls were doing with her sister. So why should we be cruel instead of taking into account the feelings of others?...., Just put yourself in her place and you will understand what I mean, Sometimes things get out of control and this is normal, But unfortunately some may not understand it..

"Make your thinking deeper and deeper, Think of people as you want them to think about you"


I know that there are many of us "if not all of us" there was something in them for as long as they wanted to do, But they was afraid of people reacting to this thing, Some may tell me to not care about people and do
what I want to do,... I know that these words are motivating and good, But if some people can get over it and do what they want, Some of them will not be able to do "And I'm one of them", What I mean that I do not have the courage to do it, Because I know that these people will talk about my being a stranger and they will not understand what I'm doing, And this of course will make me feel uncomfortable, Because I meet these people and talk to them and they are part of my life, And they will always think about the strange thing I did "although what I did was not strange but normal" ...
So why do not we break the problem from its roots instead of living with it?!!, And try not to think superficially, This will be comfortable for both parties, I mean that people will do everything they want and what is in their minds with all the joy and happiness, And others will be happy with the amount of emotions and realism they see. I mean, Frankly, That I would be very, very happy if i see people acting on their own nature and doing whatever they want. I mean this is very realistic and joyful, This makes me feel that people think in a humane way, And that life also exists to enjoy it to, And we must act in our lives with our true emotions and feelings, not to pretend and hide what we are in reality, Because realism is what makes everything beautiful and lively, So why do we laugh at those who act in this way and say that it is a strange work, And we change everyone who has lived this approach, This will kill humanity and remove all the meanings of life..😔!!


"I enjoyed sharing my thoughts and feelings with you, I hope you benefited from them, And I hope that all what I mean has reached your hearts, minds and humanity😊"

So all I want from you is to stop thinking superficially, And think with your heart, Feelings, Mind and humanity together"#think_deeply"


I feel that the way I wrote the article is strange :"), But believe me, Every letter I typed has been out of the depths of my heart, hoping to change the thinking of some and enter happiness in the hearts of some and improve the lives in others...

"The deeper you think, the more you feel the joy of life and happiness in it"


There is one thing yet, For all who go through difficult times, Feel very sad, Have a problem and trying to solve it,Or you want to get rid of some of the trouble inside you,and wants to talk, I will listen to you, And try to solve your problems, you can talk to me any time, and I would be very happy to help you...💙

I hope you will share with me your opinion in my first article, So that I am encouraged to write others.

Thank you for reading. I hope that you have received what you were looking for,If you enjoy it, Then go to the first part and complete what you started

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...Lots of love ... see ya in the first part ... bye🙂