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so let's start with some essentials on knowing Croatia;

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb. Zagreb was once divided into two parts; Gradec and Kaptol. There were lots of tensions between the people of Gradec and Kaptol, and dividing the two was a ''no man's land'' barrier, which is today filled with buildings and streets so it doesen't even feel like it was ever divided.
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One incredibly interesting fact about the Zagreb Cathedral is that it is the tallest building in Croatia and an even more interesting fact is that the three large chandeliers on the celing of the Cathedral were imported from a Las Vegas casino. At first it was thought that it would be morally and aesthetically wrong, but still they hung them up to see how they would look and they never took them down.
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There are a lot more interesting facts about Zagreb and I'll write a continue up about it, but today let's focus on Croatia;


Croatia is one of the most beautiful and underrated countries in the world, acording to some, the most beautiful sunset is in Zadar. Not only does Zadar have a beutiful sunset, but at it's coast you can find the sea organ. The sea organ was designed by Nikola Basic, the organ consists of 35 tubes which make music as the waves crash on them.

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Split just like Zadar is a town in Dalmatia, and one of the most beautiful sights to see in Split is the Diocletian's Palace, which is on the UNESCO list.

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also while in Split you can stroll down the Split Riva and the old town you apsolutly won't be dissapointed.
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Another interesting fact about Split is that every year you can visit the Ultra Europe music festival, for which Split is known for where a lot of interesting and celeb music names come to party and play

Dubrovnik is one of my favorite cities on the Dalmatia coast, some people know about Dubrovnik cause GOT series was filmed there. One of my favorite things to visit are the Dubrovnik walls and taking the cable car to the top of Dubrovnik and seeing everything.

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For all the party people here is Zrće where you can party 24/7 in beach clubes. It's similar to Ibiza.
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  • KRKA
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  • BRAČ
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  • HVAR
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For the end I just wanted to say; which ever place you chose you will not be disappointed. Each building has a story and as for Croatia as a country it’s story is covered with war. Croatia has become an independent republic in 1991. Till then it was a battle preserving Croatia as it is today.

Thank you for reading and I hope you learned something new and that you got an idea of where to travel next.

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