hey all, so today I’m actually starting the 30 day writing challenge, day one is 10 things that makes me happy // I hope you guys enjoy this one…..


baby, mom, and cute image beach, kids, and baby image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image
because they are my support system and without them everything else would fail


aesthetic, analogue, and girls image Image removed wallpaper and girls image aesthetic, alternative, and black image
because they are another support system that I couldn’t live without they make all things in life just a little bit better and more enjoyable and the shitty things & times bearable


quotes, travel, and explore image travel, sky, and airplane image pink, travel, and city image paris, travel, and france image
because who doesn’t want to explore and see the world with their own eyes and experience everything our planet has to over which by the way is a lot

tv shows

friends, tv show, and f.r.i.e.n.d.s image love, hug, and couple image Image removed Temporarily removed
because they are my long-lasting escape of reality, I live many many lives through pictures and sounds displayed before my eyes and some shows are real gems let me tell you


Temporarily removed zoey deutch and halston sage image lucy hale, tyler posey, and nolan funk image emma, la la land, and love image
what can I say they are experiences and realities we live through and for


Image removed suits and mike ross image biology, colours, and exams image school, study, and studyblr image
because it creates strong and independent wilful people who grow up to become lawyers and doctors and without it our world would not be standing today


music, vintage, and grunge image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
because I vicariously live through the sounds and lyrics that people create and because some lyrics are stories about love, magic, power, anger & despair and I love how within a 3-minute time space you can feel so much


Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Temporarily removed girl, outfit, and book image
because they are an escape through words on a page which becomes a story you never knew you had to read

art & it’s wonders

art image Temporarily removed art, museum, and painting image art, paint, and colors image
because it’s the beauty of life, it is honestly amazing how someone can capture the attention of many by conveying a meaning everyone understands and connects with through shapes, patterns and a variety of colours

criminal minds

criminal minds and gif image Image removed criminal minds, matthew gray gubler, and spencer reid image Image removed
because the cast is absolutely perfection & they really are a family, they teach us that family doesn't have to be blood and to just be who you are

girl power

brave, feminism, and girl power image girl power, wallpaper, and girl image art, confidence, and drawing image quotes, feminism, and feminist image
because every girl has the power to change the world, and females need to unite and stand strong as we truly are a force to be reckoned with

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