So, we're at part three of cleanliness.
I'm wrapping up the series with a quite long post, in the hope that it will benefit all of us, In Sha Allah

3. Cleanliness of the soul

Image by Amina

Your soul should be as clean as what is around you. And it's difficult to have a clean soul without having a clean environment first. Now that your house is clean and fresh, your body's been taken Care of, it's time to cleanse ourselves from within.
Cleaning of the soul starts with understanding what is good and what is bad for us. Most of us, including myself, are avid fans of movies or tv shows.

We usually spend countless hours watching them and sometimes, even fall asleep while watching tv.
As we got one month ahead of us, let's start by decreasing the number of movies we watch. Usually, many people say that they won't watch tv during Ramadhan, but then, due to the fact that they've been cut off brutally, they start binge watching tv.
I won't say cut it off as from today but do decrease until you watch the only movie per week.

Second, foul language.
Now that's a big one. So many of us are exposed to vulgar content, be it in movies, songs, magazines or even our social circles.
During Ramadhan, we all know that our entire body is fasting and anything harsh in nature, will undeniably affect our fasting.

For the sake of Allah, let's start by giving up on foul language little by little.
Ramadhan is a month of blessing, so don't get distracted by saying: "no, it's just one song or one just some curse words in a movie ."

Image by Amina

Secondly, let's not forget we have angels on our shoulders recording 24/7 what's happening and what we're doing. Just think how terrible it is to make those honored creatures of our Master, write something vulgar. Just think about the Day you'll have your book of deeds in hand, and you'll go through pages of curse words an foul language. Imagine that the way you spoke outweighs all the good deeds you've done and your mouth is the reason you don't get Jannah?
It's hard to avoid foul language in the society we live in, but we must do extra efforts to stop using it and making it seem normal. A foul word is not something pleasant. So, let's try not to encourage it and make efforts to become better before Ramadhan reaches our doorstep.

Let's make dua and implement changes in our lives before Ramadhan.

May Allah make it easy for us.

Assalamu'alaikum 💕