Today is saturdaaay well technically is Sunday, I am writing this at 2AM, sleep is for fools kiddoooos, anyways today's article is about a road trip that want to do in some point of my life.

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My dream road trip is travel for all the states of USA. One of the things besides know the history of the states is buy a t-shirt of everyone and magnets for my fridge 'cause they're so cute , and we can't forget about eating , I want to taste local food and eat chicken wings also I want to stop in this stores for only left handed and buy a lot of stuff for my sis.

In my trip I wanna take so many pictures and send it to my granny , I would like to sending pics of shots of vodka or drinking beer 'cause my granny can't yelling at me, well maybe in Skype but isn't the same.
obviously i don't want to travel alone because i don't know how to drive , maybe i would do this with some friend or my smart cat, who knows.

It would be a great experience if someday I had kids or nephews or write a book (what is more probable).
My book maybe tell a story about a girl who chase her dreams and finds herself in this amazing trip and how she meet people and become famous on instagram or youtube but things get complicated and finally she had a happilly ever after with her bae , Charlie.
Do you like to read my book? probably not, 'cause I already gave you a big spoiler.

Well the thing is , this is not a dream is my goal, because I will make it happen , I know, I believe in myself. And if you have a goal like mine you can do it , and maybe in some future we will be road-trip buddies and we may play Scrabble or sing some old songs in the car.

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I hope you make it happen all your goals , thanks for reading this.

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Love you with all my heart,Val