The other day, I posted about intentions. What comes next in the list of preps is cleanliness.

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There are 3 types of cleanliness I will be talking about.

1. Cleanliness of the house
2. Cleanliness of the body
3. Cleanliness of the soul.

1. The house

Ramadhan is such a special guest. It comes with an abundance of blessings and rewards. For 30 days, Qur'an will be recited and played in every single house. You will be doing extra acts of worship and prayers. Since we are all expecting a very honored guest, we should make sure our houses are clean. And why now and not on the eve of Eid.

Because Ramadhan is meant for worship and dedication to the Qur'an. If you start with your cleaning early on, you won't lose a single moment of this blessed month running around cleaning and tiring yourself.
So, if you got to do some intense window cleaning or painting, make sure it's done before the arrival of our guest.

To be continued....