What is this flavor?

Staleness of air,
somewhere beneath the stars
a breeze stirring.

There are the prisms of light
hanging up there
pure and poignant
blue and steady
but unreachable.

stars, night, and sky image

Will I taste their glory
or be crushed by their mass
when they come crashing down on me?

Listen to this heartbeat
and judge by the sound,
by the suddenly electrified pulse
by the lag in the once-steady rhythm.

Your whispers are too chill
for my fragile skin to mold to
for the bumps to settle into trust.

Sing me another song,
I will beg you,
but you will not turn away.

Instead you nudge me,
close and closer,
towards the edge,
towards the brink -
of what,
I do not know.

I do not know
if I want to




if the plummet will twist up my belly
or if the wind will kiss my face
with kindness.

All I know
is that I will.

On the brink,
balanced on this precipice,
I peer through the darkness
to imagine the depths of the waters
into which I will plunge.

How endless they are,
how unsearchable.

Is this trust,
or the lack thereof?

Is it freedom that awaits me
through this open doorway
across another line -
or another box
for me to lock myself
"safely" inside?

I believe that knowing ahead of time,
the choice is left to be mine.

Thank God for the brink -
the chance to catch my breath.

girl, sea, and ocean image