I wish I could dance
I want to get in your bedroom and put a old Beatles song to play
and to dance
I wanna pull your body close to mine
And feel this while the perfect chords of George's guitar invade our minds

I want to feel something with you
To see if this ridiculous distance goes away
When did I mishandle our relationship this bad?
When did you get through the gears?
You seem miles away right now

My darling, don't you see that I need you?
I need you to laugh of my stupid thoughs because nobody else will
I need you to share your feelings with me
Talk to me about something your friends did
So I wouldn't feel so broken alone

I'm so close to get in to your room
Jump at your bed singing with John and Paul
And kiss you hard 'til we can't feel our lips anymore

Will this make the distance desapear?
I want to take the risk
I want to feel something, I want your heat
Your yellow in my blue
I can not stay in this cold anymore

Just dance with me