Okay so I didn't plan on writing about this especially on this account but since I have it now about 3 years I just can't get away from it. However, where I live it's currently 4:37 am and I´m planning on staying up the whole day. Which is not a good start for this challenge. Soooooo let me explain myself.
Since a long time I felt like I just lived my live in a fast-forward way if you know what I mean, just like I am not really living I'm just watching myself getting through all of this stuff happening in my life.
So I want to try being a better version of myself and maybe you can try it too.
Here are a few points I want to change in a longer time period:
- I want to keep my room clean.
- I want to get better grades (I don't expect myself to get all A´s but maybe get better in the classes that I'm struggling with).
- I want to spend more time with my family.
- I want to read more.
- I want to be less on my phone.
- I want to keep myself organized.
Okay, that's all I can think of right now.
Of cures, I cant change all of these things overnight.
So I'm setting a few goals that should be manageable over the course of this week.
- I want to do my homework on the day its signed to me
- I want to stop taking naps
- I want to get my Biologie and Physics mini tests done (You have to study for a short little test which is basically just the teacher asking you a couple question on the latest topic)
- I want to finish one book.
That are a couple things I want to do this week.
I doubt that anybody is still reading this but I'm gonna give you an update in a week (sunday 29.1.2018) last but not least I want to tell you that this "challenge" is strongly inspired by DottieJames on Youtube so you should check her out.
I guess I see you in a week
(messages are always welcome!)