Hey Heartists,

It's MacKenna and I've been brainstorming some article ideas and along with some other articles I've decided to do themed articles. So a week in the month will have theme this week's theme is Pink Week. During this theme I have to create an article associated with the word Pink. Let's get to the article.

Lake Hillier:

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Lake Hiller is the popular pink lake in Australia and also one on many travel lists. It is located in Goldfields-Esperance, Western Australia. In length, Lake HIllier spans about a mere 600 meters. It gets its color from a mixture of bacteria and salts. Surprisingly, Lake Hillier is not the only pink lake in the world. More pink lakes are:

Lake Retba, Senegal:

amazing, pink water, and senegal image

Hutt Lagoon, Australia:

hutt lagoon image

Dusty Rose Lake, Canada:

dusty rose lake canada image

Those are some pink lakes around the world I advise you to look them up travel to them, and explore them. Until then bye
Love, MacKenna