I'm scared.
About my life. You know I've always wondered what it would be like to really know what you want in life.
And what do i mean by that? I'm talking about a career.
What is my career going to be? what am i going to study?

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I already chose. i already applied in a university.
and why all this mess?
well because I'm still in doubt.
why? because of my parents.
I'm scared that I could be a disappoinment to them. and just because of the career i chose.

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I feel really bad.

I know that i should study whatever i want and like.
Although i know that, i feel the need to not disappoint my parents. i feel that they deserve better.
I feel that they are not satisfied about what I chose.
well, my mom supports me but my dad not so much. he even questioned me about where am i going to work after my college degree.

I guess i´ll have to live with this and prove them wrong.