Hi everyone! My name is Abrielle and this is my very first We Heart It article! I have seen this idea floating around on the app for months and decided to give it a try with my new laptop! I love stories and getting to know myself better so this is a perfect combination of the two! I hope you guys like it! <3


Greer: meaning, alert, watchful, observant

girl, beauty, and glasses image selena gomez, selena, and beauty image

Physique: black loose curls, often styled in a bun, rounded glasses, almond shaped chocolate eyes, tall and thin, prominent bone structure

Image removed girl, quotes, and gun image ballet, dance, and shadow image kendall jenner, car, and Kendall image

Personality: loving, caring, generous, bold, loyal, strives for justice and fairness, innocent, clever

audrey hepburn and record image gypsy, hippy, and vibe image fashion, yellow, and aesthetic image fashion, girl, and outfit image

Style: classic, comfortable retro with a bold twist. Lover of big sweaters, long skirts and dresses, tees with empowering quotes, and lots of accessories

Image by Alcira Reyna Image removed girl, kiss, and statue image girl, strong, and woman image

Likes: coffe, organization, cats, reading/writing, rain, long drives, sun sets and rises, cities and hotels, history, feminism and social justice, history

theme, rp, and aesthetic image quotes image Lyrics, music, and tumblr image Temporarily removed

Biggest Struggle: getting attached to people too easily, caring too much, anxiety and obsessivness

travel, city, and architecture image adorable, black and white, and blonde image food, summer, and tropical image exam, flowers, and Law image

Journey Ahead: going to law school to travel the world while helping people, learn to love herself and become more mindful, become successful, and eventually find everlasting love