I know this is extremely late, considering that we are in April, however here are a list of goals that I wish to achieve this year.

1. Get a Job

I’m just looking for something little that gets me out of the house and gives me some money. I was thinking of something like a bakery or cafe, maybe even babysitting.
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2. Save Money

For me it is incredibly hard to save money, as I always feel like I have to spend it. However I am going to spend the next year or so saving my money, as once I graduate I will travel with some friends.
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3. Netflix

This one is incredibly simple, I want to finish watching /rewatching my shows on Netflix.
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4. Exersise

I know how common this goal seems to be for girls, but since I’ve quit dance I’ve just been laying around, well whenever I’m not at school. But my goal is to exercise 6 days a week. And hopefully I will gain a flat stomach and skinnier thighs.
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5. Take More Photos

I have about 6 photos of myself, my goal is to try and slightly overcome my self confidence problems and take more photos of myself.
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6. Set a Bedtime

My goal is to go to bed at the same time every school night. I suffer from sleeping problems and find it hard to fall asleep until late, but I will set a bed time do that I can wake up feeling less tired and hopefully with lighter dark circles.
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7. Friends

So at the start of the year I changed schools, meaning I left all my friends behind. This year I haven’t been seeing my friends as much as I would like to, some I haven’t seen at all. I would also like to make new friends at my new school, so far I have two, but I would like to get to know others.
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8. Go to the Beach More

Even though the town I live in is a beach side town, and my house is just under a 20 minute walk to the beach, I don’t actually go there too much. Considering I’m in Australia and it’s April, that means that it will soon be cold, but once the weather gets warmer I will make more time for beach visits.
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9. Grow out My Hair

I epreally would love to have long hair but I always cut it in a spare of the moment type thing. Well this year my goal is to grow my hair out.
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10. To Have More Body Confidence

These days body confidence is often rare. I want to feel more confident in my self, however it isn’t easy. Even though I Have stretch marks, slightly thick thighs and a small chest, which don’t fit the so call standard the world has set for us girls (which I find is pathetic), I will try to me more confident with my body.
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