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Hello! Welcome to my first ever article, I thought I would make this article so you can all get to know me better!

1. Sexual Orientation?

- Heterosexual

2. What I'm Really Bad At?

- Comforting people and maths (please send help, I'm failing maths)

3. The Person's Arms You Would Like To Be In Right Now?

- Park Jimin

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4. My Best First Date?

- I would love to go to a theme park for my first date, we could ride the scary and thriling rides but also the calm children's rides. My partner and I would buy cotton candy and see who could eat it the fastest.

5. A Description of My Self Esteem?

- So small you can hardly even see it, if you try and get too much out of it will shatter into a thousand pieces.

6. Who My Best Friends Are?

- Wonderful people who can never fail to make me laugh no matter how much of a bad day I'm having.

7. My Favourite Book?

- Milk and Honey, The Sun and Her Flowers and This Modern Love.

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8. A Description of My Best Friend?

- Tall and skinny with bleached blonde hair, the most stunning green eyes and always has her makeup done no matter what.

9. My Favourite Animal?

- Doggos

10. Biggest Turn-offs?

- Smells bad, terrible personal hygiene and rudeness. (I'm so judgy oof.)

11. Someone I miss?

- My Best Friend who sadly passed away two years ago.

12. Where Have I Lived Before?

- Paris, France
- London, England
- Glasgow, Scotland.

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13. What Are My Greatest Achievements?

-Scottish Champion, Judo
-European Silver Medalist, Judo
-British Champion, Netball.

14. My Favourite Songs Right Now?

- Miniskirt, AOA
- SAD!, xxxtentacion
- anxiety, blackbear feat. FRND
- Go Go, BTS.

15. Favourite Flavour of Ice Cream?

- I love Chocolate and Mint Choc Chip but Cookie Dough is definitely my favourite!

16. The One Place I Want To Be Right Now?

- Jeju Island, South Korea.

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17. I'll Love You If...

- You buy me K-Pop albums. :")

18. What Are My Future Plans?

- Go to Univeristy and study travel and tourism before moving out of Scotland and start living abroad somewhere.

19. An Internal Conflict I Have With Myself?

- Should I waste all my money on food or should I spend it on something useful?

20. What I Want To be When I'm Older?

- Um, I'll get back to you on that...

21. Where I Want To Live When I'm Older?

- Jeju Island, South Korea or
- Amsterdam, Holland or
- Tokyo, Japan.

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22. Two of my Biggest Insecurities?

- My thighs and my hands.

23. What I Love Most About Myself?

- My eyes.

24. My Biggest Pet Peeves?

- Loudness, Having no manners and people who are a bad singer but think they are amazing.

25. How Many Kids I Want In The Future?

- None or one.

26. What Can I Hear Right Now?

- Traffic,
- Rain and
- The wind.

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27. What am I Good At?

- Complaining,
- Eating and
- Sleeping.

28. The Nicest Thing Anyone Has Said To Me?

- I love you.

29. Do I Like Where I Am Right Now?

- No, sadly :(

30. All Of The Pets I've Ever Had?

_- Border Collie,
- German Shepard,
- French Bulldog and
- Spaniel.

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31. My Biggest Worry Currently?

- That I will fail all of my upcoming exams.

32. Something I Should Have Said Sooner?

- "Please don't go, I love you so much and I can't let you go."

33. What My Last Text Message Says?

- "Imagine if we went on holiday together, I feel like we would get banned from the country lol."

34. Any Phobias?

- Spiders and Butterflies.

35. How Are You Feeling Right Now?

- Depressed and Stressed.

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