Unpopular Opinions

DISCLAIMER: read the whole thing instead of stopping and assuming thing. Im not trying to hurt anyones feelings but I want everyone to see my side on thing. I want you to please to and thing about this and see things from my point a view. If you have any question just message me.

I think that there’re only two genders. And that everyone has one, you can’t just not have one or say that you don't conform to it. I think if your born a male your male and if you’re born female then your female. I believe this because society has put these restrictions on the genders like if pink is for girls or long hair is for girls , liking girls is for boys. Thing like that make people thing “hey I don't fit in to this category [gender] and I must be the other one”. You can wear what you want to wear docent matter what gender you are. You date ( or be attracted to someone) who you want. I don't like that people are like “in not male or female. Use the they/them pronouns”. Like what its biology. You are born a certain way don't let that dictate your actions or decisions or choices. Its different for people who are not comfortable with their body, that they feel that they're not born in the right body. Its all the years of inequality that is causing this Its stereotypes and inequality that make people want to choose a different gender. Society put so much pressure on us that you feel you don't belong but gender has nothing to do with traits, likes, hobbies and etc.

Well, thats all I hope I didn’t hurt anyones feelings. Im not trying to be rude. Im part of generation X and thats the main people who do the gender choosing in my opinion. Well, this is Aaliyah and I'm out.